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Plates - Crosstrainig

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Plates are a key part of your weightlifting and powerlifting sessions during your crosstraining workouts. The Xenios USA design guarantees high safety and reliability. Xenios USA has chosen cutting-edge designs to give athletes a durable and efficient training tool. Xenios USA plates are tested to bear a high number of drops without breakage. Also, they are designed to minimize the noise of the drops.

Almost all Xenios USA plates are designed to meet the standards set by the IWF and can be used with standard Olympic bars, such as Competition Plates, Contest Bumper Plates, Fractional Plates and Heavy-Duty Bumper Plates.

An excellent example of Xenios USA quality is the Heavy-Duty Bumper Plate, molded with SBR recycled rubber, which guarantees high durability and noise reduction. These plates meet the highest quality and versatility standards as they are designed for both indoor and outdoor workouts, thanks to the resistance of the manufacturing material on asphalt.

The Technique Competition Plates are highly appreciated among athletes because, once tried, they become irreplaceable. These Xenios USA Technique Plates have the same dimensions as the bumpers but with reduced weight. For this reason, they are used for learning or perfecting lifting techniques and are highly appreciated both by athletes who are approaching this discipline, and by pros who have been practicing it for years.

Xenios USA has chosen only the best quality plates. Their cutting-edge design allows you to practice challenging disciplines - such as weightlifting -safely. Choose the plates that are closest to your needs and start the WOD to achieve your goals.