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Peg boards - Crosstraining

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3 Item(s)

Peg boards

Xenios USA peg boards are the perfect training tools to vay your WOD in your crosstraining sessions. Plan on building muscle by performing peg board to achieve your goals faster.

The peg board is wooden board with inserted pegs. Climbing them builds the upper body strength, the back and the core, always in tension. The types of performable exercises are mainly two: climbing with only two pegs that will be constantly held and moved to go through the exercise; or place the pegs before starting the exercise. This specific workout will stimulate different muscle groups allowing you to train explosive strength and grips as well. An excellent grip is fundamental for the success of this exercise.

The Xenios USA Online Shop offers the choice of different peg boards that have different specific characteristics. Two of the products designed by Xenios USA are the Peg Boards and the Short Peg Boards. Both produced in wood with a solid and reliable structure, these tools make their strengths of durability and resistance differing only from each other for the different lengths of the table. Thanks to their simple and essential design, the peg boards - once secured to a wall - will be ready to be used and will allow you to perform your workouts safely.

Choose Xenios USA peg boards for your climbing exercises and naturally build your upper body. Discover all the Xenios USA crosstraining equipment and perform your WOD by varying the exercises and unleashing all the potential of cutting-edge training tools.