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Bars - Crosstraining

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16 Item(s)


Xenios USA has designed a wide range of bars to suit your every need and guarantee you the perfect choice based on your skills and goals. The bars that you will find on our Online Shop are designed for athletes of any level: from beginners to the most experienced ones. Some of these are specifically designed for children, women and men to allow everyone to express themselves at their best.

Xenios USA has designed low-weight bars for the shortest athletes, which are perfect for approaching the disciplines of weightlifting and powerlifting. With these tools, anyone can practice their technique and gradually increase the workload.

Xenios USA has also created women's bars with very interesting specs for athletes with different levels, from entry-level to professionals. These bars have a design that enhances the grip due to the manufacturing materials and can to support loads exceeding 200 kg to allow the most performing athletes to best express their potential.

Among the Online Shop categories, you will find many different bars with unique technical features to satisfy even the most demanding athletes with the most advanced technologies. The perfect bar eases the exercises’ execution by making the sequence of movements more fluid and efficient.

The Xenios USA bars differ by technical specs, such as the finishes that can be chromed or galvanized and affect the grip in the bar's handle section. The bars' shapes also vary from the classic linear design to the innovative curl shape, which boasts slight curves, designed by Xenios USA to increase efficiency during workouts on specific muscle groups. The Xenios USA bars have very high tensile strengths. Each of these has a different maximum load weight starting from 50 kg - for children's bars - up to a maximum of 900 kg as in the case of the Pro WL Man's Bar.

Choose your Xenios USA bar carefully to train to your full potential and visit the Online Shop's bar storage section to keep your Box always in order.