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Bar's accessories - Crosstraining

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11 Item(s)

Bar’s accessories

Strength training is a very important part of crosstraining, as the improvement of this physical ability is one of the main goals set at the beginning of a training cycle.

For your strength training in crosstraining, Xenios USA offers all the bars’ accessories you may need during your weightlifting and powerlifting sessions to put you in the perfect condition to perform your training circuit safely.

Within the Xenios USA range of bars’ accessories, you will find many useful products, such as the Lock Jaw collars. Xenios USA relies on the indisputable quality of these Lock Jaw collars, which are easy to use, safe and reliable, thanks to their proprietary dual compound structure. Lock Jaw collars allow athletes to focus on their performance and nothing else. Xenios USA has also designed its own bar collars, such as the Olympic Weightlifting Collars, resistant and durable, capable of supporting you during weightlifting sessions ensuring total safety during these challenging workouts. Another Xenios USA accessory is the Olympic spring collar, with a minimal and efficient design, built-in high-quality steel to ensure a firm grip.

Xenios USA also provides you with the protective pads for the bars to give you comfort while performing exercises such as hip thrusts and squats. These products are made with first quality shock absorbing materials that will guarantee you high durability and great comfort.

Xenios USA has selected the Silicon Spray Grease and the Special Spray Oil to lube Bars, Bearings and Bushings to keep your barbells in perfect condition. If applied periodically on the bushing, bearings and sleeves will allow you to keep the mechanisms of your bars perfect, thus increasing their durability.

The strength section of the Xenios USA Online Shop wants to give you everything to perform any workouts at your best.