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Bar racks

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5 Item(s)

Bar racks

Crosstraining requires order and rigor to perform effective workouts. Xenios USA wants to help you keep your Box in the best possible condition to avoid space management problems and keep the equipment in the best condition by storing correctly. 

The Xenios USA bar racks on the Online Shop are perfect for improving the equipment management inside the Box, by easing access to the training tools and optimizing the timing between exercises. There will be no downtime between one exercise and another.

Xenios USA offers different types of bar racks to meet any training needs. The bar racks are divided into two categories: the wall-mounted and the stand-alone ones. This equipment will allow you to take advantage of all your spaces while keeping the Box perfectly tidy.

Among the wall supports, we find the Wall Mounted Bar Hanger and the Bar Rack, which differ in the bars' vertical or horizontal arrangement. Choose the most functional support for your training zone.

For those who need ground support, the Floor Bars Rack is a perfect choice. Available in different models, it allows you to choose the perfect rack size for your needs and spaces.

All Xenios USA bar racks guarantee great stability and resistance due to their design and materials. These racks also allow the bars' perfect positioning when they are not in use, keeping them safe from accidental damage.

Xenios USA recommends not to store loaded bars in order not to affect the stability of the supports and avoid damaging the equipment.

Rely on Xenios USA and get your supports for crosstraining equipment always to keep your Box in perfect conditions and allow athletes to perform their WOD.