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Wall mounted rigs

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7 Item(s)

Wall Mounted Rigs

On the Xenios USA Online Shop, you can find the Wall Mounted Rigs, which is a rig that requires a firm anchor to the wall. These facilities adapt to any athletes’ needs during their crosstraining workout.

Choosing the perfect size of the structure for your training zone is an important factor when looking for rig and rack stations. This is because you must get the most out of its features.

Xenios USA provides different solutions for the rig and rack stations of your Box. Among several designs available, there are also simpler and less bulky structures that can be used in your personal training zone, such as the Garage Rack, which is perfect to adapt to any location, providing you with a versatile, practical, and first-class structure level.

Thanks to their modularity, the Wall Mounted Rigs create a well-managed environment inside your Box, allowing you to choose the supports that fit with your need and WODs.

Xenios USA's rig and rack station structures boast unique construction features. In fact, all the structures are produced in powder-coated steel, which guarantees high durability. This production process counteracts the signs of wear on the equipment effectively. The steel is black colored with the possibility of customization to make your Box unique and inimitable.

Xenios USA means quality and safety. Every Wall Mounted Rig on the Online Shop guarantees stability and durability beyond all standards to give performances well above the average, from every point of view. Rely on Xenios USA to complete your Box with equipment designed to the slightest detail. The best athletes must use the best equipment.