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Stand alone rigs

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11 Item(s)

Stand Alone Rigs

The stand-alone rigs are essential tools for your workouts, as many exercises are carried out using the support of a rig. This rig is fixed to the ground by bolts, which allow you to exploit all sides of the station.

These stations are designed to satisfy any training needs. On the Online Shop, you will find both stations designed for indoor and outdoor workouts. The main difference stands in the materials processing, which aims at increasing their durability and resistance in all conditions.

The choice for your perfect stand-alone rig will be based on several factors, such as the space available and the training goals. Xenios USA offers several sizes and types of stations, so that they can adapt to any training zone: both to small Box, or wider facilities that host many athletes at the same time.

The Xenios USA rig and rack stations will also help you keep your Box tidy as they allow you to store the training tools that you do not use during your workouts. Each tool has its place, ready to make you express your full potential.

By choosing Xenios USA stand-alone rigs, you will get a functional and complete training station to perform his WOD in the best way possible. These stations allow any implementation. You can find them in the Online Shop section for rig and racks and accessories.

Choose the Xenios USA crosstraining equipment to achieve the maximum degree of safety and efficiency for your workouts. Equip your Box with the best equipment designed by Xenios USA.