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Xenios USA boasts a unique range on the crosstraining equipment you may need to complete your Box and your rig and rack stations. Now, you can satisfy all your training needs, thanks to the modularity of the facilities designed by Xenios USA R&D.

By choosing the best materials, Xenios USA strive to create products that are durable, comfortable, and effective over time. Furthermore, a functional and easy to-use design respects the highest safety standards to allow the athlete focusing only on their own performance in order to push their limits.

In the accessories section, you will find everything you need to customize and improve your rig and rack stations such as anchoring rings for training rope, J-rack bars, different types of pull up bars. All these accessories meet the needs of any athletes: from beginners to pros.

The accessories for rig and rack stations will give you the possibility to carry out a wide number of crosstraining exercises. Those who want to strengthen the core can rely on the core trainer to perform a great range of effective exercises.

Here, you can also find elastic band hooks, both vertical and horizontal, in order to get the most out of your elastic bands. For those who train by performing handstand push up, the handstand board kit will be a great support to perform this complex exercise.

Discover all the Xenios USA accessories for your rig and rack stations and choose the ones that best meet your needs to compose your own customizable station and unleash its full potential. Rely on the highest quality and safety standards of Xenios USA and elevate your training quality to improve your WODs.