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The Xenios USA Shop Online offers equipment and accessories for your rehabilitation to make you perform at your best in the shortest time possible.

Foam rollers, massage ball, recovery tape and balance board are some of the essential products for a good rehabilitation and to avoid relapses when back to the Box.

The foam rollers are perfect for relieving muscle nodes or contractures, due to their relaxing function that eases blood circulation and oxygenation. This self-massage roller will become part of your training routine - not only when you rehab - before and after each workout for the warm-up and cooling-down phases.

Another useful accessory to strengthen joints is the balance board. Balance exercises are aimed at strengthening and improve the control of the lower body. In particular, these exercises aim at reducing knees and ankles injuries.

Xenios USA also provides Massage Ball and Lacrosse Ball to increase mobility and loosen the upper body muscles after your weightlifting workouts. Alternatively, they are also used to unwind buttocks and calves after a long-distance run or an intense workout.

Another support for your rehab is the recovery tape which is widely used in kinesiology to treat injuries and improve the blood flow.

Choose the best for your rehab by relying on the experience and quality of Xenios USA. During your recovery time, choose the perfect accessories to prevent injuries.