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Tiles - Crosstraining

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)


In the floorings section, you can find the Xenios USA Xfloor tiles. These tiles can face any weight drop in order to reduce flooring damages. This flooring system also avoids the rolling of dumbbells and bars to not disturb athletes while training.

The tiles available on the Xenios USA Shop Online are designed to improve the quality of crosstraining sessions by reducing noise and vibrations caused by the drops. This also means more impact resistance and no flooring damages.

The material's quality influences the cushioning action of the tiles. That’s why Xenios USA chooses only raw materials that meet the highest standards, such as rubber and EVO. Get the best equipment for your Box to make it more durable.

The Xenios USA Shop Online offers you different types of tiles to make you perform your weightlifting and powerlifting exercises comfortably and safely, ensuring a perfect landing area for your bumpers. Everything has to be safe, even when occurring unexpected movements of your training tool. Now, you can focus on your performance to perform your WOD at your best.

All the Xenios USA equipment is designed to perform inside the Box to allow athletes at any level to reach their best performance. Discover the highest level of comfort and safety with the Xenios USA crosstraining equipment.