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Artificial Turf - Crosstraining

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7 Item(s)

Artificial Turf

Do you want to train with the sled in your Box? The Xenios USA Artificial Grass is what you need. The Xfloor line provides a range of artificial grass - 10 x 2m - to perform your exercises safely. These smooth surfaces will ease your movements to perform your circuit perfectly.

The Ruler Track is an artificial turf featured with distance markers. This thin surface offers a perfect grip. This type of artificial grass is available in different colors. Place one carpet next to another to create a longer path.

Another Artificial Turf is the Start/Finish Track, which has the same technical features as the Ruler Track. Aesthetically is slightly different as the marks refer to the distance between the beginning and the end of the surface.

The sled training aims at building muscles to improve acceleration and explosive strength. This is how crosstraining athletes improve their performance drastically. The Xenios USA Artificial Turf is a great support to optimize your efforts and achieve your goals faster.

The Xenios USA Online Shop provides you with all the necessary equipment for your crosstraining sessions. Artificial turf will help you improve performance while completing the set-up of your training zone.