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Conditioning for Kids

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)


The metabolic conditioning, or shortly metcon, is an essential part of the *crosstraining. It consists of specific high-intensity workouts that improve your physical preparation drastically.

Xenios USA provides crosstraining equipment for kids and youngster aimed at conditioning. Children must workout safely while expressing their full potential.

Among the Xenios USA training tools, you'll find the Fitness Kettlebell perfect for stimulating numerous muscles and performing complete workouts. These Kettlebell are made of coated cast iron. Their colored cover in neoprene protects against impact and scratches.

Undoubtedly, one of the must-haves for your Box is the Fitness Dumbbells, which are essential in your WODs. Thanks to their technical features, designed by the Xenios USA R&D, you will train with high-performance tools. The neoprene coating increases durability and amplifies the anti-slip features by improving the grip. Their design avoid the rolling on the floor to ease your exercises on the ground.

Another popular tool is the Xenios USA Training Soft Plyometric Box, the evolution of the classic plyometric wood box. Its coating represents a great advantage in stability and resistance. This training equipment is considered as one of the best products in its category due to the very high standards of safety.

Finally, the Kid Pull Up Bar 100 cm is an extremely useful tool for the training and physical improvement of the youngest athletes. It can be set on the wall in order to perform countless exercises and build muscles. This tool is made of powder-coated steel to reach a new level of grip and durability compared to the other steel bars.

The Kids Wall Ball, the Kids Beaded Jump rope and many other products are waiting for you.

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