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Agility for Kids

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)


For the kids training, Xenios USA designed essential accessories for the working on agility, speed, and coordination and improving your children physical condition and ability.

The agility cones are essential training equipment to stimulate body and mind while working out. Many crosstraining athletes use these tools to improve their performance and minimize injuries.
These space markers can simulate sports game actions such as football, basketball, or rugby. Quickly change direction while keeping low your center of gravity. The Xenios USA space marker cones are available in different colors and are sold in a kit of 24 pieces.

Xenios USA has also designed 40cm high agility cones, to set up your workout stations and training circuit. You next WOD will develop your performance drastically.

For the execution of many exercises Xenios USA selected the agility cones with hurdle bar holes to improve coordination training with obstacles.

Crosstraining for kids teaches children how to use their bodies and develop coordination. This equipment can increase awareness about their skills. Training in the Box builds a sense of collectivity, which is essential for any kid's growth.

The Xenios USA crosstraining equipment is perfect to approach for the first time this sport safely and comfortably because it meets the highest standards of quality and safety.