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Viking Hammer - Crosstraining

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Viking Hammer

The Viking Hammers develop different aspects of physical training. Viking hammers stimulate several muscles of the upper body: arms and shoulders, wrists and forearms will be tested.
Usually, training with a hammer training consists of hitting a tire repeatedly. The largest the truck tires are, the more they reduce the vibrations. This training builds strength, coordination, reactivity, and speed. It could seem a simple exercise but, actually, it requires a lot of focus and energy.

Xenios USA designed a Viking Hammer made of shock-resistant coated steel to increase its durability and reduce the risk of breakage. Have you ever tried one of the most intense and challenging workouts? You will discover how this exercise is able to involve many muscle groups. The Xenios USA Viking Hammer for training improves balance and develop a solid grip. In fact, it is often used by elite athletes, Special Forces, and MMA fighters. The training hammers are available in different weights: from 4kg. The weights progression follows your strength developments.
Xenios USA provides you everything you need for your with hammer training. This training tool must be in your Box to make your athletes push their limits and elevate their performance.