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Wod essentials

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13 Item(s)

WOD Essentials

The box set-up is an essential step to complete your training zone with high-quality equipment. Everything has to be functional, durable, and aesthetically attractive. Xenios USA provides you with everything you need to train at your best in the Box.

On Xenios USA Online Shop, you will find all the WOD essentials. This equipment will increase the degree of safety and effectiveness of your WODs. Before setting-up the battlefield, you must think of every slight detail. When your goals are ambitious, it's always a matter of details.

On the Online Shop, you can find the Chalk Station 2.0, a 16lt container to keep the Box clean and tidy, avoiding the spread of chalk. This station is the perfect mix of design and practicality, which is useful to increase the efficiency and organization of any training zone.

On the Xenios USA Online Shop, the WOD timer - indoor and outdoor - allows finding the perfect timing of your workout. It shows the duration of each training session, the rest time, and the rounds performed. It is equipped with an acoustic signal to alert the athletes. You can also get some useful accessories such as the tripod, an additional battery and the remote control to have control on the timer anywhere.

Furthermore, Xenios USA provides the OSB Wood Wall Board to help you improve the quality of hand stand push ups without damaging the walls of your training zone. You can customize this wide wooden wall panel with the logo of your gym or Box.

Another useful accessory for the Box outfitting is the Hand Stand Walk Ramp with Stairs. This is one of the most challenging exercises for your workouts in the Box. Now, you can try to reach the next level of the Hand Stand. The vertical walk will push you beyond your limits. Set your circuit and workout at the highest levels.

Discover all the WOD essential equipment on the Xenios USA Shop Online. You will find everything you need to preserve the safety and durability of your training tools.