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Rings and straps - Crosstraining

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Rings and Straps

For your workout with the rings Xenios USA designed the most comfortable and safe equipment to perform your WOD without leaving anything to chance.

In the Rings and Straps category, all the equipment boasts high tensile strength to train without any risk. Choose a good anchoring point and start training anywhere you want: at home, in the Box in the park.

The Gym Ring Training Kit is a great opportunity for those who want to face some suspension training sessions. This kit is equipped with rings (Gymnastic Wood Rings) and adjustable straps - made of high tensile strength fabric. This kit allows any athlete to face efficient bodyweight sessions flawlessly or with a weighted vest load. Everything is meant to guarantee a safe, comfortable, and effective training session.

On the Xenios USA Online Shop, you can also find the Straps for Gymnastic Rings, which are designed to offer the highest level of stability during exercises such as dips, chin up, pull up and many others. The length of the belt can be adjusted through a cam-buckle system. This support provides exceptional stability to allow you to perform any movement and make your workout challenging and stimulating.

Training with rings combines strength, joint mobility, resistance, coordination, and concentration. Also, it can build the upper body strength quickly. This type of suspension training requires perfection to work on your chest, arms, and back.

Discover on the Xenios USA Shop Online all the best training to make your WODs challenging and unique. Try the suspension training to make your "basic" exercises more complex. Push your limits. Now you can do it!