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Pull up bars - Crosstraining

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Pull Up Bars

Xenios USA provides you with the best crosstraining equipment for your WOD, so you can perform at the highest level and elevate your training at the Box or in your home gym. The pull-up bars are essential for those who want to perform a bodyweight or calisthenics training.
With these tools, you can perform some of the most effective bodyweight exercises to build your upper body muscle.

The Xenios USA Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is one of the tools that make you train safely due to its high-quality design. Xenios USA R&D thought about every slight detail, its resistance bears huge weight loads and its comfort is unmatched. This ** pull-up bar** can easily be installed on the wall to complete the set-up of your Box with one of the safest, performing, and efficient tools. You can perform different pull-up with the Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar, such as chin-up, one arm pull up, one arm chin up, front and back lever pull up... You can increase the workouts' difficulty and push your limits. Are you ready to face more and more challenging WOD and unleash your full potential?

Trust the Xenios USA quality, and you'll get the perfect equipment to meet the highest training standards. State-of-the-art design, safety, and comfort will make you focus only on your performance. Xenios USA selected the best pull-up bars to make you can train at home or in the Box with no worries. Discover all the equipment in the crosstraining pull-up bars category to reach your goals easily and faster.