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Parallettes - Crosstraining

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Discover on the Xenios USA Online Shop the Heavy Duty Parallettes, a useful and versatile tool for your bodyweight training. Just like the rings and the pull-up bars, this tool is meant to improve strength, flexibility and balance. The weight of your body is not enough to challenge your strength? Get the weighted vest to increase your body weight and complete your equipment. Now, you can increase the difficulty of the workout effectively.

The parallettes are the perfect tool for crosstraining because they allow you to work on your condition by training several muscles of the upper body. You can perform a dip, push up, planks, and handstand push-ups, pushing your limits by trying more and more complex workout. Parallettes can take your performance to extreme levels.

Xenios USA has designed the Heavy Duty Parallettes for your workouts. Discover the perfect tool for your bodyweight training as it boasts a unique design while it meets the highest standards of safety and comfort for your WOD. The Xenios USA parallettes are made of powder-coated steel to provide maximum strength and durability. Any athlete, from pros to beginners, can train at their best. Thanks to their lightness, these mini parallel bar can be brought anywhere. Work out at home, in the gym or in your Box.

Improve your WOD by using equipment that meets your training needs. Rely on Xenios USA to improve your performance and push your limits. Perform your bodyweight workouts safely with the Xenios USA Heavy Duty Parallettes.