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Bodyweight accessories - Crosstraining

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Bodyweight accessories

The Xenios USA crosstraining equipment is perfect for improving your WOD due to the care for quality and details that can raise the level of comfort during your training. On the Online Shop, you will find all the bodyweight accessories you need during your workouts. Reach your training goals easily and faster!

Among the Xenios USA bodyweight accessories, you can find the Pull-Up Power Resistance Loop, which are used to perform assisted pull-up, core training, mobility, stretching and physio treatments. The resistance of these bands is based on their height: the higher the height, the higher the resistance. You can ease the execution of many exercises, such as the pull-ups, thanks to the support of the elastic bands.

The Full Power Belt is another interesting accessory for your workouts. This is perfect for exercises like the sled drag. The material of the buckles and the reinforcement of the seams provide excellent tensile strength. Those who train hard by practicing weighted exercises can find the Dipping Belt with Chain on the Xenios USA Online Shop. This training accessory is designed to maximize the results of your bodyweight training by guaranteeing excellent comfort and resistance.

For those who love push-ups, Xenios USA provides them with the Steel Push Up Twister Handle. Compared to the normal execution of the exercise, this tool's rotation movement can solicit a greater number of muscles while lowering the tension on the joints. Level-up and get the HSPU Pad, to perform perfect handstands push-up. Discover the unique Xenios USA design with sanitized "BTEX" fo this anti-slip base.

Rely on the experience of Xenios USA to get your bodyweight accessories. The best equipment allows you to perform your WOD effectively and safely.