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Calisthenics - Rigs and Racks

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19 Item(s)


Calisthenics training involves the development of your physical condition through the performance of bodyweight exercises. It requires different supports such as pull-up bars, rings, and parallettes. Athletes who want to increase their workloads can use additional weights to overload their own body weight. Xenios USA offers all the calisthenics equipment you may need to perform a varied and complete workout, aiming to train your body by involving different muscle groups.

The tools used in calisthenics sessions are many. Parallels are useful to perform exercises such as dips, which mainly involve the development of the muscles of the upper body. There are different types of Xenios USA  parallel bars: from the most classic ones, that provide a firm anchorage to the ground and ensure a high level of safety, up to the most innovative Heavy Duty Parallettes - comfortable and portable - that allow you to train wherever you want, whether in the Box, at home or in the park. These parallel bars guarantee great stability and high grip due to the design and materials used for their realization.

The pull-up marble is another support – complementary to your rig - that is used to perform pull-up exercises with a non-ordinary grip to involve different muscle groups compared to what happens during pull-ups with the bar.

The rings are also widely used to perform calisthenics workouts and allow you to enhance the core.  During the exercises with this tool, a high level of balance and stability is required.

Discover all the crosstraining equipment that Xenios USA has selected for you. Complete your calisthenics workout with pull-up elastic bands, chalk bricks, chalk stations, gymnastic grips, and much more.

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