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5 Item(s)

Crash mats

In this category, Xenios USA has selected for you everything you need for your safety. Safety, in fact, is one of the cornerstones for the design and the construction of the Xenios USA equipment. Each product is carefully designed by the R&D department to provide every athlete with the highest level of safety. The crash mats available in this category are essential accessories to make your training as safe as possible.

Whether you own a training zone, a gym, or a garage gym, you must think to prevent annoying and dangerous injuries. That’s what crash mats are for. Extremely useful in rope climbing exercises, you will get an accessory that is made to last over time and cushion your falls.

Xenios USA invested all its technology and materials’ knowledge to give the crash mats the perfect density. Aesthetics is also important: another fundamental aspect in a training zone. Every detail can affect your motivation and performance.

Check out all the Xenios USA crash mats available in this category.