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Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell
Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell


Xenios Usa Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell

The Fitness world charm stands in the variety of workouts you can execute to shape your body. Those who practice functional training, or those who hit the gym daily, know that there are some essential training equipment to develop specific muscle groups. The Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell is one of them! You can find this barbell among the X-GRIPS collection. The acronym "PU" indicates the polyurethane coating of the barbell's weights. Unlike the normal Fitness barbells, this tool is entirely made of steel.

The Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell boasts a difference than the classic "straight" preloaded barbells, as it involves the biceps or triceps muscle depending on the grip used. The grip of this barbell curl, in fact, simulates the flexion of the wrist at the peak of the positive phase of the curl with dumbbells.

With the EZ barbell, you can choose whether to train your biceps by stand curling or sitting at the Scott bench, or to train your triceps with the French Press. The EZ barbell is also perfect for Reverse Curl, which is useful to forearm training. Strengthening the muscles arms and legs brings great benefits in order to increase strength, power and endurance of all the muscle chains connected.

As with many training equipment for functional training, the Xenios USA R&D department has perfected one of the most popular gym equipment to make it extremely resistant, efficient and suitable to any training zone. You can workout with a preloaded EZ barbell at the gym, in your home gym or in your favorite training zone!

Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell features

Do not choose any EZ barbell! Let the power of design improves your workouts' quality.

Knurling: The Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell is made using CNC manufacturing tools that ensure precision of the bar characteristics throughout its whole length. The knurling of the PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell provides a firm grip (without any annoying sharpening for the user), with the added advantage of making any magnesite residue easily removable.

Material: The barbell boasts a special "hard-chromed" treatment to increase the tool durability. In addition, the core of the weights is polyurethane-coated to ensure odorless workout and extreme resistance to friction, shock and wear.

Caution: these barbells are not made to bear the drops.

The weights of the Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell range from 10 to 45Kg.

Barbell total length | Weight thickness | Weight diameter:
10Kg - 1046mm | 33mm | 127mm
15Kg - 1068mm | 44mm | 153mm
20Kg - 1086mm | 53mm | 173mm
25Kg - 1116mm | 68mm | 173mm
30Kg - 1114mm | 67mm | 193mm
35Kg - 1142mm | 81mm | 193mm
40Kg - 1166mm | 93mm | 193mm
45Kg - 1190mm | 105mm | 193mm

Handle: EZ

Handle diameter:
Da 10 a 30Kg: 32mm
Da 30 a 45Kg: 34mm

Handle length: 980mm

Knurling length (on each side): 19,5mm

Train with the X-GRIPS collection

The polyurethane functionality and the X-GRIPS style are ready to improve the quality of your workouts! The Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell is just one of the X-GRIPS range training tool, a product line that expresses the highest levels of functionality and design for the world of Fitness.
You can choose among:

  • PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed Barbell;
  • Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbel;
  • Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed Dumbbell (pairs).

  • Tidy up your training zone and get the Barbell Rack - 5 units, the rack designed for your X-GRIPS barbells. If you train with dumbbells, the Fitness Dumbbells Rack - 10 slugs is ready to complete your training environment!

    Visit the Xenios USA Online Shop to get the best equipment for your Fitness training!

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