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25 Item(s)

Benches and stations

Xenios USA has thought of everything for your crosstraining workout. The bench cannot be missing inside any Box or gym. Xenios USA Benches and stations is a fundamental section for any athlete who wants to perform complete workouts that lead to solid results. On the Online Shop, there are several structures that will meet the needs of even the most demanding athletes to make them reach high-level performances.

For a perfect execution of your dumbbell exercises, Xenios USA has designed different types benches, such as the Adjustable Bench which offers more than fifty combinations to position your bench. For those who prefer to train on a static flat bench, the Heavy-Duty Utility Flat Bench boasts a simple and essential design, and great stability.

The Xenios USA Online Shop boasts an excellent choice of GHD machines for building core and leg. Reverse Hyper Extension and Strongman GHD Bench are two of the stations that Xenios USA has developed to unleash all the potential. Stability and efficiency are two of the cornerstones on which Xenios USA bases all its equipment to ensure athletes perform their workouts safely without having to worry about anything.

Those looking for a flat bench for powerlifting can choose the Xenios USA Power Bench Press. Like all Xenios USA equipment, this tool is manufactured with heavy duty steel to bear even the heaviest loads. The Safety Strap is perfect for pushing your limits. This support is a safety device that bears up to 1500 kg!

Xenios USA has designed benches and stations with care for details. Choose them for your Box and perform at your best. Rely on the Xenios USA excellence and quality for the crosstraining equipment.

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