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All Mobility Tools

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10 Item(s)

Mobility tools

Joint mobility and muscle flexibility are essential to face complex workouts. Those who focus their training program neglecting mobility are more prone to injuries and low performance. That’s why Xenios USA dedicated an entire section of the Online Shop to the so-called mobility tools, equipment, and accessories to develop and improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

Foam roller, mobility roll, mats, learning bars, massage ball are all the training tools that Xenios USA offers to make you perform beneficial mobility sessions. In this category, you will find the Xenios USA product range and a selection of the most famous mobility products on the market.

Mobility is important for functional training and also for those who practice disciplines such as crosstraining and weightlifting. The Xenios USA foam roller has been designed to meet any athletes' needs: its larger size, compared to the mobility roll on the market, allows taller athletes to take advantage of its beneficial massage. In the mobility tools category, you will find mobility rolls and elastic bands that you can use to take care of your joints and stretch muscles. The elastic sessions will stress your joints and modulate the strength and loads according to your needs.

Discover all the accessories and equipment for your mobility. Xenios USA helps you take care of your body and achieve new Fitness goals.