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All for Weightlifting Area

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1 Item(s)

Weightlifting area

Weightlifting is one of the main disciplines in the crosstraining world. Those who practice it know that everything must be taken care of in every detail. There is no room for mistakes or approximations. One of the priorities is the safety of athletes and their training environment. The quest for perfection and the best performance comes from the connection between the athlete and the training equipment. But that is not enough. The weightlifting area must be equipped with structures that aim at the technique perfection, protecting the training equipment and the flooring.

Xenios USA collects in one category everything needed for a weightlifter to set up its Weightlifting area.

The Xenios USA weightlifting platform for example is the basis to set up a weightlifting training zone. The solidity of the steel structure and the flexibility of bamboo are able to absorb the most violent drops. The flooring of your garage, gym or garage gym will be protected from vibrations that, over time, can also damage the concrete. If the weightlifting platform is not enough, you can always use the Landing pads. They reduce noise and vibrations of drops. In this section, you will also find equipment such as the Jerk Blocks. These structures are designed for those who need to train the final phase of the clean and jerk to achieve their best performance. Strength, modularity, safety and solidity are the main features of the equipment specific for a weightlifter.

Discover all the Xenios USA equipment to set up your Weightlifting Area.