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All for Gymastic Area

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Gymnastic area

Set up your training area for calisthenics, functional training and bodyweight sessions. In this section of the Online Shop, Xenios USA has selected all the equipment and accessories you need to complete your gymnastic area.

The Gymnastic area collects all the accessories for gymnastics and exercises with reduced loads or bodyweight. Reduced loads do not mean light workouts. Within this category, you will also find the Hand Stand Walk Ramp with Stairs. This particular training tool is a kit composed of two shaped and padded modules (a 4-steps staircase and an inclined ramp). On this surface, you can try your hand stand safely. The hand stand walk is one of the basic exercises for your training in the box. Don’t get caught unprepared and use the perfect tools to improve your technique.

In this gymnastic area category, you will also find everything you need to make your bodyweight training area totally safe. When a crash mat is not enough, you can cover the entire area with proper flooring. Discover all the Xenios USA equipment to set up your Gymnastic area.