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Innovation at the service of your workouts. The Skierg design is made to involve all muscle groups. Your cardio sessions will never be the same. Inspired by Nordic skiing, the exercises with Skierg develop your full-body strength.
Skierg uses air resistance to make you perform. In addition, thanks to its electronic monitoring system, you can have detailed statistics on your performance.

Arms, legs and torso are involved in a single movement to simulate Nordic skiing and test your performance with one of the most challenging sports ever. Everyone can do it, even athletes with disabilities as the structure of the Skierg allows you to train in standing, sitting or kneeling positions.

Xenios USA wanted to dedicate this Online Shop section to one of the most solid and effective training tools in the Fitness world. The Skierg design has been designed to create a product that is durable over time and provide the highest levels of training comfort. Minimal maintenance and a powder-coated aluminum frame make the Skierg durable and practical. The performance monitor and ergonomic handles increase the training quality.

The Skierg fits with any training zone, from gyms to garage gyms. Place the Skierg anywhere you want, thanks to its wheels. Achieve your next Fitness goals by paying more attention to the cardio program. The Skierg will put you to the test!

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