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2 Item(s)


Rowers are essential tools for cardio training sessions. Strength, endurance and aerobic capacity can be improved through a specific training program with cardio sessions. Xenios USA dedicates an entire section of the Online Shop to rowers. Who has never used a rower in the box or in the gym? Achieving new Fitness goals requires careful physical preparation to the slightest detail. The selection of rowers by Xenios USA answer to this workout needs and practicality. In fact, their design is functional both to the athlete and to those who run a training zone.

The Concept2 and Xebex rowers follow the highest standards of durability and resistance. In addition, their training comfort will allow any athlete to push their limits. You just have to choose the model that best fits with your needs.

In this section of the Online Shop, you will find the Rower Concept2 Mod D with PM5 monitor, one of the most popular rower models to develop body muscles and improve your endurance. The experience of brands like Concept2 fits perfectly with Xenios USA's philosophy, whose goal is to provide the best equipment to the Fitness world.

Xebex Air Rower 2.0 is also available in this section of the Online Shop. This training equipment is particularly appreciated for its solidity and practicality. The "foldable" structure allows you to fold it and take up the minimum space in your training zone.

Have you already chosen your rower? Your cardio workouts are essential for improving your physical condition.

Find out all the equipment you need for your Cardio training on the Online Shop.