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All Wall ball, All slam ball and All med ball

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

Wall ball, slam ball and med ball

Xenios USA aims to improve the quality of all the exercises performed with a training ball. The different characteristics of these tools meet all the athletes' needs of an athlete in the Box or at home.

The Xenios USA Wall ball, Med ball, and Slam ball are built with care for every detail to make you focus only on your performance.

The No Bouncing Slam Ball can become one of the strengths of your training sessions. The slam ball can be used to perform several exercises as it is designed to bear impacts without bouncing, unlike the med balls. The No Bouncing Slam Ball is perfect for adding extra load to your bodyweight workouts. The PVC guarantees optimal grip and eliminates the risk of slipping during the maximum effort.

The Xenios USA Wall Ball is designed to perform "wall exercises". This tool is perfect for your crosstraining WOD and for reaching your top fitness performance. The Wall Ball is specifically designed to bear the most intense workouts. Working out with this special med ball build muscles, strength, explosiveness, and coordination.

Xenios USA wants to satisfy every type of athlete. That's why you can find the Kids Wall Balls among the training balls. Children who want to approach this discipline will have a solid tool to perform with comfort and safety.

For athletes who want to use extreme weight loads, the Strongman Med Ball is the perfect training tool - the weights range from 30 up to 100kg. These med balls are designed for slam exercises too.

Wall Ball, Slam Ball, and Med Ball are carefully selected by Xenios USA quality control to meet the highest production and training standards. Push your performance beyond all limits.