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Where do you store your med balls and sandbags in your training zone?
If your answer does not include a storage rack for your tools, we recommend you take a look at this section. We dedicate this corner of the Online Store to storage. Here, you can find everything you need to store your med balls and sandbags without bothering athletes during their training and without wasting precious space.

Relying on Xenios USA to create your own training space means thinking about every detail. The final goal is to achieve the highest reliability and safety levels for your training zone without giving up on aesthetics and functionality. Each storage can meet your needs of space and organization of the box or gym.

Discover how the Compact Storage Rack can hosts multiple types of tools, with all the convenience of a compact rack that can be placed anywhere, thanks to its wheels. In this section of the Online Shop, you will also find the Massive Storage Rack for Wall balls, a 3-shelves structure designed for your wall balls - with space for bumpers and elastic bands.
Do you need to better space management? The Vertical Support for Medicine Balls is one of the most appreciated racks for storing Med Balls thanks to its minimal design and its ability to adapt to the narrowest spaces.

Take care of the organization of your training zone. Visit the storage section and find the rack you need! Discover all the storage racks for your training with med balls and sandbags on the Online Shop.