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Al Sport Bottles

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

Sport Bottles

The Xenios USA Online Shop boasts a wide range of clothing and accessories. Within this section, you will find many must-have accessories for your training sessions or your everyday life, even outside the box.

The Sport Bottle is made of Tritan, a lightweight, handy and shock-resistant material – the perfect features to use your water bottle without damaging it. In addition, Tritan is a BPA-free material (it ensures food integrity without releasing any chemicals).

The Steel Sport Bottle is the latest water bottle made by Xenios USA. This evolution of the classic water bottle expresses an eco-friendly choice to reduce the use of plastic. In addition, this model is featured with a double cap: a classic screw cap and a "sport" cap, which can be opened and closed with your mouth, thus always having your hands free. The construction materials of the Steel Sport Bottle comply with European and Italian regulations regarding contact with food or liquids for human use.

The aesthetics needs to be in the spotlight. Both the Sport Bottle and the Steel Sport Bottle are available in different colors. You can choose several customizations made by Xenios USA.

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