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XFloor - Evo weight drop rubber tile - Black XFloor - Evo weight drop rubber tile - Black XFloor - Evo weight drop rubber tile - Black
XFloor - Evo weight drop rubber tile - Black

Xenios USA XFloor - EVO Weight Drop Rubber Tile

Never underestimate the importance of a perfect training floor! Those who practice crosstraining know that every workout hides a challenge. For this reason, the training zone must be equipped with everything's necessary to face extreme WODs. The rubber flooring for Boxes and gyms, designed by Xenios USA, is part of the essential set of accessories to train in a Box.

Have you ever wondered why Box owners pay so much attention on the choice of the flooring? Safety, effectiveness, durability, aesthetics... These are some of the fundamentals factors during choice of a floor for gyms! Xenios USA designed every little detail to offer athletes an optimal grip on the training ground. The granular rubber's properties and density give the Xfloor - EVO Weight an unmatched drop resistance.

Xenios USA XFloor - EVO Weight Drop Rubber Tile features

This flooring for indoor training bears the most violent workouts. The rubber granules make the coating "droppable" - this means that it is resistant to bumpers - during your lifting sessions.
The grip of this rubber flooring is perfect. Xenios USA R&D has managed to find the right degree of friction on the ground to allow athletes training on a 100% safe surface.
The typical black color prevents discoloration of rubber "tiles" to maintain the appearance of your training zone over time. Aesthetics and functionality meet perfectly.
The XFloor - EVO Weight Drop Rubber Tile also reduces the drop noise. This increases the quality of the training sessions, even in the widest Box.

Material: high-density SBR recycled rubber (about1000 Kg./m3)
Granules: extra-fine
Color: black (other colors on demand)
Tile sizes: 100 x 100 cm (other sizes on demand)
Width: 20 mm (other widths on demand)
Weight: 18 kg/mq
Fire resistance: E(fl) class certified
• Made in Italy

The compound's high density - printed with a 1x1 meter plate - makes the flooring resistant to weight drops: kettlebell, dumbbells, and loaded bars will not damage the flooring. Drops will no longer be harmful to the equipment itself. The high-density material also makes each tile much heavier than the average, making the flooring stable on the floor below. The edges of each tile are trimmed with an automatic cutting machine. That's why there is no residual from the production process.

The edges are rounded in order to reach the perfect aesthetics of the floor. The application of these tiles will allow you to set up a floor without any visible joints.

The Xenios USA X-Floor EVO Weight Drop Rubber Tile is indoor because of the high-density material. It makes each tile water and moisture-proof. This prevents, of course, the formation of mold and bacteria between the rubber tiles and the floor below.

All Xenios USA rubber floorings are made by using recycled rubber (SBR) from exhausted tires (not older than five years). This makes the product sustainable and also odorless. It will not transfer the color on the skin or clothes of those who train on it.

The black color is standard; however, you can have the Xenios USA X-Floor EVO Weight Drop Rubber Tile in many other colors. Contact us!

XFloor - Evo weight drop rubber tile - Black


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