Nylon Olympic Bar Pad Nylon Olympic Bar Pad Nylon Olympic Bar Pad Nylon Olympic Bar Pad Nylon Olympic Bar Pad
Nylon Olympic Bar Pad

A budget-smart addition to your weightlifting routine.  Xenios USA’s® NYLON OLYMPIC BAR PAD removes the pressure from your shoulders and allows you to introduce heavier weights without causing injury.

We have provided you with a low-cost and long-lasting bar pad that gives you the protection you need to excel in your training regime. The construction is made to support you in the area of the neck and shoulders as you lift, while also protecting you against unnecessary injuries. Guaranteed to last with the standard Xenios USA® quality, this innovatively designed and constructed Olympic Bar Pad  is the perfect addition to any lifting regime and is easy-to-clean and secure on all bars.

We know the importance of reducing unnecessary injuries and strains while developing and perfecting your weightlifting routine and the first step is to begin with superior bar gear. We have listened to our loyal customers about what is essential for you and our skilled R&D team at Xenios USA®  have produced this construction using durable and easy-to-clean PVC coated pad filled with high-density foam, to provide the support you want. 

Xenios USA’s® athletes are always pushing the boundaries to intensify their workouts.  Whether you are a competitive athlete or just starting out on your journey, this bar pad will support and protect you as you challenge the limits of your weightlifting sessions. Budget-smart and made from the most technologically advanced material that guarantees longevity– you will be ready to take on any challenge big or small. We believe that you can achieve your highest fitness goals and aim to deliver the gear you need to allow this to happen.

Lightweight, durable design and available in black. Fits a variety of bars as well as the 2-inch Olympic bar. Providing excellent feel with the true blue Xenios USA® designed trademark that is second to none.

Nylon Olympic Bar Pad


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