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  • This competition-ready ropes are the ultimate equipment for adding versatility to a weight sled. Each rope has a diameter of 3 cm and includes a braided eyelet on one end for easy attachment.

  • Made with resistant high-quality nylon, the Xenios USA® Drag strap will be your connection between your sled and your belt. Use it to pull and drag the sled around the workout-facility. With its 4m length it supplies a reliable link for sled pulling and strength-workout.

  • Improve your strenght, speed and accelleration or maximaze your power with heavy loads pulling-exercises. Great reliability and resistance for Xenios Usa® Shoulder Harness . Perfectly fitting harness comes with two front/back padded-straps. Tool must be hooked with its 4 rings at sled.

  • Connect yourself to the sled by this comfortable full Power Belt. Full Power Belt is the gear designed to support heavy-loads pulling like sled-dragging. Equipped with a single ring positioned at the rear, the belt will surprise you for its strength and reliability. Provided with adjustable straps. One size fits all.

  • This comfortable device allows athlete to easily change direction while dragging the sled without having to detach the carabiner. Leave the carabiner attached and turn back restarting immediatly.

  • Ideal tool for medium-small athletes who want to start their sled-pushing workout increase strength training and start pushing . A sled push is simple you either push it or you don’t. It require so spotting and if it gets too heavy you simply lower the weight.

  • This is perfect tool for medium-tall athletes who want to increase strength training and start pushing . Where as strength training is a skill that needs to be taught pushing a sled is very easy to teach and very easy to learn.

  • Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. This kit allows you to convert the Round Trip Sled into a Wheel-Barrow training-device rapidly. Add two hadles included in the kit […]

  • Enjoy customizing your Xenios USA® Round Trip Sled, add all the equipment and tools that you need for your workout. Build it up as you prefer  for push, pull and speed training. Keep in mind that Sled comes out with All surfaces skies, Nylon pulling straps and carabiners included. This ultimate workout device will improve […]

  • The Xenios USA® Round Trip Sled is the toughest and most versatile workout tool for push, pull and speed training. Sled comes out with All surfaces skies, Nylon pulling straps and carabiners included. This ultimate workout device will improve remarkably power and performance.

  • Made of top-quaility iron, the Xenios USA® Evolution Cast Iron kettlebell is built by one-piece casting process in order to get the highest product quality and scarp free. Research and commitment are the two key words where Xenios USA® R&D dept. is constantly focused on to offer the best in terms of quality and efficiency. [...]
  • Xenios USA Competition Kettlebell is made according to the severe requirements of Girevoy Federations. Handle diameter, handle inner width and length were drawn by the rule-book of the competitions, as long with the color range. The wide inner width of the handle (135 mm.) provides a safe and perfect grip also while using both hands […]

  • Manufactured with natural fibre, named Manila, the Xenios USA®  Natural Fiber Climbing Ropes will ensure a strong grip  while doing outdoor and indoor military training and functional workouts. This Xenios USA® Natural Fiber Climbing Ropes has a 38mm diameter  and is available in two lengths: 4,5 or 6m. It comes out with a pre-mounted steel […]

  • The brand new model Xenios USA® Prowler sled allows you to add weight to make the exercise more targeted—whether for power development, muscular endurance or aerobic training. Built with 6cm x 6cm x 3mm thickness steel tubes, the Xenios USA® Prowler Sled is the essential all-surface, heavy-duty push sled. Developed with the team at Reebok […]

    • Extra Light (1) – Max Resist. 16 Kg
    • Light (2) – Max Resist. 23 Kg
    • Medium (3) – Max Resist. 36 Kg
    • Heavy (4) – Max Resist. 54 Kg
    • Extra Heavy (5) – Max Resist. 75 Kg

  • The Elite Clubbell is the last born at Xenios USA®. It follows the path of the previous Pro Clubbell and it moves a step ahead in terms of quality and durability. The Elite Clubbell is made by milling a solid steel rod, so totally weldless. The Elite Clubbell is perfectly balanced thanks to its design thought, developed and […]

    • Light (2) – Max Resist. 10 Kg
    • Medium (3) – Max Resist. 20 Kg
    • Heavy (4) – Max Resist. 30 Kg

  • Conceived for Strongman workout ,the Xenios USA® Evolution Cast Iron kettlebell is built by one-piece casting process in order to get the highest product quality and scarp free. Made of top-quaility iron, it offers the best in terms of quality and efficiency. This manufacturing-method allows obtaining the greatest surface finishing and a polish, solid handle. [...]
  • Ideal tool for kids-training, ladies-workout or to outfit your home gym, the Xenios USA® neoprene kettlebells are your pefect gear for muscle building and weight-loss.Ranging fron 2 Kg up to 20 Kg, these nice-looking neoprene kettlebells are made from solid cast iron with a protective and colored neoprene coating. Due to this, the Xenios USA® […]

  • The weighted sled dragging is one of the most used workouts to train top athletes and it is even more popular than ever. In fact, it improves the athletes performance without eat away at their lean mass and strength. The Xenios USA® Just Drag Sled is equipped with a 60x40cm steel deck and tested on […]

  • At Xenios USA® we have developed the Full-Rubberized HEX Dumbbells in order to go a step ahead compare with any other kind of Dumbbell on the market. First, they are not made of weak cast iron: they are made of steel, forged as one-only pieces in to a mold. Then, they are not made by [...]
  • The Xenios USA® Natural Fiber Short Rope adds a significant challenge to the grip and this natural fiber-rope will be the right solution for pull-ups variations. It is available in two gauges: 38mm and 50mm and two lengths: 90cm and 180cm. If you want to increase the intensity and the difficulty of your exercise, you can […]

  • This is another cat’s pajamas tool from Xenios USA®. This reliable Xenios USA® Wall Mounted Bracket will allow to safely hang your workout tool in the training facility in case ceiling is not fit to be utilized as support. Thanks to the 105cm L. x 20cm W. x 57cm H. training tool, you’ ll be […]

  • The Xenios USA® Strongman Hex Dumbbells are available from 55 Kg up to 70 Kg. The 330mm total-length firm-grip handle is contoured to provide a strong hold. Manufactured to last forever, their costruction ensures the head does not come loose. Their heavy duty rubber encased head will reduce significantly any risk of floor damage.

Showing all 27 results