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    • The Xenios USA® Pro Fast Bearing Jump Rope. This Jump Rope is made to over-speed ! The extra smooth micro-cartridge bearing spinning system gives to the cord an impressive speed revolution. The handles of the Pro Fast Bearing Jump Rope are 15.5 cm. long and they feature a long knurled area to provide the perfect grip […]

    • The Xenios USA® Fast Bearing Jump Rope. This Jump Rope is made to go faster ! The extra smooth micro-ball-bearing spinning system gives to the cord a really fast rotation. The handles of the Fast Bearing Jump Rope are extra-long (6.7”) compare with most others on the market. It gives an extra “wingspan” to the user […]

    • Please pay attention to Jump-rope type when selecting cords

    • Jump rope training is the best way to improve coordination making you focus on your feet. It also increases your strength in the muscles surrounding your ankle joint. This aerobic exercise can be considered the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile. Take the Xenios USA® High Speed Double Under-er Jump Rope anywhere with you. Warm [...]
    • No bouncing Wall Balls are perfect to increase overall power and explosiveness while improving overall conditioning. Manufactured with a soft-touch and durable PVC skin, they are filled with a proprietary mix of foam, PE-Cotton and rubber chips. The perfectly balanced interior filling will allow athletes to safely catch and stop ball at high-speed exercises too. [...]
    • Ultra-Speed Jump Rope with plastic handles (multi-color handles available)

    • To use or to abuse, that is the question! If you’re stressed out with your daily routine, let’s forget your problems, administration, bills and loans. Vent your frustration and anger slamming the Xenios USA® No Bouncing Slam Balls from overhead to the ground; you’ll find it therapeutical! It doesn’matter the size or the skill level. […]

    • Thanks to this great Slam Sand-bag you can have the best workout ever assuming effective positions enhancing your strength. In fact, you can adjust the load of the Xenios USA® Slam Sand-bag and perform squats, bench press, sit up, farmer walk to kill the routine and boost your workout. Manufactured with 6 comfortable, resistant handles, […]

    • If you want to push the envelop, don’t hesitate! Xenios USA® makes you a really strongman! Ranging from 30 up to 100Kg, the Xenios USA® Strongman Med Balls are designed and tested to be carried or lifted during the Strongman workouts.

    • Medicine Balls are one of the mandatory training tool for training classes, body builder, athletes and personal trainers. They represent a really versatile instrument to train either the upper body and the lower body. Handling a Medicine Ball the body can be trained in all the directions and, moreover, without any range limits, such as […]

    Showing all 12 results