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All Equipment Packages were thought to drive those who are new to Strength and Conditioning tools and who are in the need to set an Affiliate Box or a Garage Gym. They all come in to different sizes according to the number of people to be trained with. Moreover all Packages feature several price steps so to match all budgets. Packages are pre-set with a certain quantity and breakdown of each item. In order to let the customers play with the items’ breakdown, where possible, allowed changes are highlighted. Customer’s amendments can either concern product’s kind (e.g.: a Woman Bar instead of a Man one) or product’s weight variants within the given total. Some changes may require an extra charge to be paid on top of the package standard price.

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AFFILIATE BOX PACKAGES   The Affiliate Box Packages were thought to those who need to set up a new Box. Within all the Affiliate Box Packages there are the mandatory items to perform all WODs. With any Affiliate Box Package you might be able to draw Weight Lifting, Gymnastic, Bodyweight and Cardio-Endurance workouts. Let’s say that the tools gathered within these Packages are the must-have for a Box. We thought to the Affiliate Box Packages in order to provide to customers a first selection of Xenios USA® products and let them to decide what to add more according to the kind of workouts to be performed or to the specs of the venue the Box will be built at. There are 3 sizes of Affiliate Box Packages: 5, 10 and 15 members and each one is furthermore split in to three budget steps: Good, Better and Best. The more the budget grows the more the package is stuffed and the gathered items’ features rise up. GARAGE PACKAGES   At Xenios USA® everything was born in to a kind of Garage so we couldn’t forget about those who are going to have their own gym or those who are going to build a group-of-friends mini-box. Whether your own Box will be set in to a Garage or outdoor, within the fences of a backyard, the Xenios USA® Garage Packages will provide all the must-have workout tools. By drawing the Garage Packages we have also thought to the tools that can feature more workout variants so to save as more as possible room in to the garage. Garage Packages come in three sizes: 1, 3 and 5 users. Each Packages can be then provided to match three budget steps: the Good to right have the mandatory items, the Better to start having some PRO item and the Best to let a Garage Box looks like an Affiliate one. ROAD TO THE FITTEST PACKAGES   There are many Athletes who play hard in to their own facility or who need to purchase a PRO set of workout tools for the Affiliate Box they are training at. Based on our experience with the several endorsed  Athletes, all Road-to-the-Fittest Packages were drawn in order to set up a PRO-like workout room. R2F Packages come for 1, 3 or 5 Athletes and within each package bars and plates kind and quantity can be trim by the customers according to each one need. Sometimes Athletes need to keep training at home, sometimes Athletes need to have a set of workout tools to be moved anywhere they go: R2F Packages are the right tool. THE WAY TO YOUR BOX   Whether you got L1 certification or you’re enthusiastic about the functional training, sooner or later it comes to your mind, we know it:  I want my own Box !!! Cause no matter how much money you got in your pockets, you have a dream and you want to let it to come true. The first issue is always the same: What is the budget I need and could it fit my one ? That’s why we do recommend you to sit down and focus on priorities by figuring out how will be your training group or class size. That is the very first priority issue to work on, and all the rest will be built accordingly. Think about how much room you’ll need to safely put in place the workout classes you have in mind. Then think about the gear that can be shared by your members, as well as the ones you’ll need to one to one or the special tools for on ramps or athletes. Do not forget that just some items are the must-have and you can always purchase more equipment once your business will run faster. This is an advantage of Box building: you will be the one who will daily draft the WOD on the dash board so you can manage the equipment you need in advance.   When you will come to the square meters you will need, just think safe and do not forget that any barbell workout will take about 6 square meter per each person. Should you be able to go bigger, just do it: classes will for sure grow up in numbers and so you’ll not need to move your Box for a long time. Then, think also to go square so to have your RIG in the center of the workout room: it will be shared by two groups working on both sides ( Stand Alone XRig™ ) .Regarding the workout tools, we suggest as a number one priority the following ”Essential items”: Weight Lifting Bars for men and women, Learning Bars and some Technique Bar, Bumper Plates and Collars, Jump ropes, Pull-up bars or stations, Gymnasitc Rings and means of attachment, Medicine Balls (even know as Wall Balls), Dumbbells, Mats, Climbing Ropes and a Timer that will rule any WOD. Do not forget some Endurance device like Rowers or Air Bikes: most WODs are time based so a weak hearth could not be compensated by power, strength or agility. Then, always keep in mind that a barbell set allows a whole lot of important, varied, functional training exercises like deadlift, power and squat clean, power and squat snatch, push jerk, split jerk and so on. It will undoubtly optimize the investment.Keep talking about the equipment, we do encourage those who are going to walk the way of their own Box, to always fulfill the budget with “quality” products rather than “quantity” products. You can keep purchasing from time to time upon new budget arrival but you shouldn’t, ever,  purchase twice just cause echo tools get worn earlier.     If you have room enough and you find your wallet still full of money that’s the time to step ahead and add to your playground the following items: Glute-Ham Developers (GHD), even more Rowers and Bikes, Plyo Boxes, Flat Benches, Kettlebells, Parallettes, Weight Lifting Platforms, Jerk and Pulling Blocks, and a bigger and bigger RIG. A part of your budget should be employed to rubber coat the flooring of your Box ( XFloor ) : rubber flooring will let the underneath floor and the same equipment to last longer. Rubber flooring will lower noise and vibes. How to choose it ? Same script: quality, quality and, once again, quality. Flooring becomes a part of the building so a bad purchase will drive you crazy.     You might draft your equipment wish-list in several ways but that is the really second priority issue, to be accomplished on the way to your own Affiliate Box. In order to help those who are new to this sport, at Xenios USA we have thought to pre-set packages: whether you are going to run an Affiliate Box, or you need to stuff your backyard with the main workout devices, or you are an athlete who needs his own place, we have the starting pack for you. Packages are first split in to kind of target, then in to numbers of trainees and finally broken down in to various budget volumes. We hope you’ll find your business growing up and you need to expand your equipment chest. You surely understand it when can’t afford not to, with clients waiting during WODs after gear run-out. At that point it will be your responsibility to give a better service and provide a suitable items quantity buying additional pieces of gear. Last but not least: always draw your Box Plan by concerning about some room for your community: that is the best you can do. Switch your group of affiliates in to a community and it will be the pillar of the growth of your Box.

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