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  • This competition-ready ropes are the ultimate equipment for adding versatility to a weight sled. Each rope has a diameter of 3 cm and includes a braided eyelet on one end for easy attachment.

  • Made with resistant high-quality nylon, the Xenios USA® Drag strap will be your connection between your sled and your belt. Use it to pull and drag the sled around the workout-facility. With its 4m length it supplies a reliable link for sled pulling and strength-workout.

  • Improve your strenght, speed and accelleration or maximaze your power with heavy loads pulling-exercises. Great reliability and resistance for Xenios Usa® Shoulder Harness . Perfectly fitting harness comes with two front/back padded-straps. Tool must be hooked with its 4 rings at sled.

  • Connect yourself to the sled by this comfortable full Power Belt. Full Power Belt is the gear designed to support heavy-loads pulling like sled-dragging. Equipped with a single ring positioned at the rear, the belt will surprise you for its strength and reliability. Provided with adjustable straps. One size fits all.

  • This comfortable device allows athlete to easily change direction while dragging the sled without having to detach the carabiner. Leave the carabiner attached and turn back restarting immediatly.

  • Ideal tool for medium-small athletes who want to start their sled-pushing workout increase strength training and start pushing . A sled push is simple you either push it or you don’t. It require so spotting and if it gets too heavy you simply lower the weight.

  • This is perfect tool for medium-tall athletes who want to increase strength training and start pushing . Where as strength training is a skill that needs to be taught pushing a sled is very easy to teach and very easy to learn.

  • Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. This kit allows you to convert the Round Trip Sled into a Wheel-Barrow training-device rapidly. Add two hadles included in the kit […]

  • The Xenios USA® Round Trip Sled is the toughest and most versatile workout tool for push, pull and speed training. Sled comes out with All surfaces skies, Nylon pulling straps and carabiners included. This ultimate workout device will improve remarkably power and performance.

  • This Jump Rope is made to over-speed ! The extra smooth micro-cartridge bearing spinning system gives to the cord an impressive speed revolution. The handles of the Pro Fast Bearing Jump Rope are 15.5 cm. long and they feature a long knurled area to provide the perfect grip while double-undering. Each handle is made of […]

  • This Jump Rope is made to go faster ! The extra smooth micro-ball-bearing spinning system gives to the cord a really fast rotation. The handles of the Fast Bearing Jump Rope are extra-long (6.7”) compare with most others on the market. It gives an extra “wingspan” to the user and thus an easier Double Under […]

  • Please pay attention to Jump-rope type when selecting cords

  • Jump rope training is the best way to improve coordination making you focus on your feet. It also increases your strength in the muscles surrounding your ankle joint. This aerobic exercise can be considered the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile. Take the Xenios USA® High Speed Double Under-er Jump Rope anywhere with you. Warm [...]
  • No bouncing Wall Balls are perfect to increase overall power and explosiveness while improving overall conditioning. Manufactured with a soft-touch and durable PVC skin, they are filled with a proprietary mix of foam, PE-Cotton and rubber chips. The perfectly balanced interior filling will allow athletes to safely catch and stop ball at high-speed exercises too. [...]
  • Plyometric training refers to explosive compound movements, commonly done with bodyweight only. The primary reason we do jumping exercises is to exploit the stretch-shortening cycle of the legs to improve the use of elastic energy. The first form plyometric training we had was when we were children. Conceived to fit all athlete skill-levels, the  Xenios USA®’s […]

  • Manufactured with natural fibre, named Manila, the Xenios USA®  Natural Fiber Climbing Ropes will ensure a strong grip  while doing outdoor and indoor military training and functional workouts. This Xenios USA® Natural Fiber Climbing Ropes has a 38mm diameter  and is available in two lengths: 4,5 or 6m. It comes out with a pre-mounted steel […]

  • We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but Xenios USA® improved it. The Xenios USA® Training Rope is the perfect solution to strengthen your arms and body upper part and can be hooked into a wall mounted ring to train both arms simultaneously. Ropes comes out with wall mounted ring included and in two main versions: Nylon […]

  • Ultra-Speed Jump Rope with plastic handles (multi-color handles available)

  • The brand new model Xenios USA® Prowler sled allows you to add weight to make the exercise more targeted—whether for power development, muscular endurance or aerobic training. Built with 6cm x 6cm x 3mm thickness steel tubes, the Xenios USA® Prowler Sled is the essential all-surface, heavy-duty push sled. Developed with the team at Reebok […]

  • Safety first, it’s our motto… Plyometric training refers to explosive compound movements, commonly done with bodyweight only. The primary reason we do jumping exercises is to exploit the stretch-shortening cycle of the legs to improve the use of elastic energy. But new athletes could fear to hurt themself trying to jump on box-top. So we solved […]

  • To use or to abuse, that is the question! If you’re stressed out with your daily routine, let’s forget your problems, administration, bills and loans. Vent your frustration and anger slamming the Xenios USA® No Bouncing Slam Balls from overhead to the ground; you’ll find it therapeutical! It doesn’matter the size or the skill level. […]

  • Thanks to this great Slam Sand-bag you can have the best workout ever assuming effective positions enhancing your strength. In fact, you can adjust the load of the Xenios USA® Slam Sand-bag and perform squats, bench press, sit up, farmer walk to kill the routine and boost your workout. Manufactured with 6 comfortable, resistant handles, […]

  • Plyometric training refers to explosive compound movements, commonly done with bodyweight only. The primary reason we do jumping exercises is to exploit the stretch-shortening cycle of the legs to improve the use of elastic energy. Ideal equipment for functional training – center and affiliate box, the Xenios USA® Steel Plyometric Boxes feature a stable footprint an […]

  • The weighted sled dragging is one of the most used workouts to train top athletes and it is even more popular than ever. In fact, it improves the athletes performance without eat away at their lean mass and strength. The Xenios USA® Just Drag Sled is equipped with a 60x40cm steel deck and tested on […]

  • Conceived for athletes who want to add extra-resistance to plyometric training, the Xenios USA® Power Jump kit is made with top-quality Nylon. Elastic tubes will increase jumping difficulty constraining athlete to use all lower boby muscles and addominali to keep balanced once landed on box.

  • The Xenios USA® Natural Fiber Short Rope adds a significant challenge to the grip and this natural fiber-rope will be the right solution for pull-ups variations. It is available in two gauges: 38mm and 50mm and two lengths: 90cm and 180cm. If you want to increase the intensity and the difficulty of your exercise, you can […]

  • The Xenios USA® Double Grip Medicine Balls are made of a special double rubber skin. Their drawing has been thought in order to embed two strong rubber handles. They are really useful to perform all the ABS and upper body exercises and they are also enough strong to do not get broken if drop on […]


Showing 1–30 of 32 results