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  • Even a wood ring deserves an R&D study, especially when it needs to be employed for heavy duty workouts, like the gymnastic drills are. The 28/32mm grip-diameter Xenios USA® 1.25″ Gymnastic Wood Ring, in order to match such high requirements are made by CNCing a solid piece of wood and then tested to bear up to […]

  • Heavy duty workouts need ‪professional tools and their should be always driven by a deep check of construction specs and not just by its cost. This reliable 1.25″ Power Steel Ring – (32mm.) grip-diameter Gymnastic equipment allows athletes to safely perform muscle-ups, dips, chin-ups, pull-ups and many more basic and advanced drills. ‪This 1.25″ Power Steel […]

  • The Xenios USA® 16.4′ Heavy duty Strap Anchor w/cam-buckle – (500 cm) are made by using marine-grade Nylon that features up to 1200 Kg tensile-strength, versus the average 250 to 300 Kg of the recycled polypropylene. They are manufactured to supply maximum safety-grade while performing bodyweight-gymnastic exercises such as muscle-ups, dips, chin-ups, pull-ups and many […]

  • instructions     The Xenios USA® Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings is the perfect tool to enhance Gymnastic Rings skills. Thanks to its pulley-system it will sustain bodyweight while performing Gymnastic Rings exercises. The Xenios USA® Technique Kit for Gymnastic Rings comes out with: Adjustable Belt with multi-slug back straps Nylon Rope with  steel hooks [...]
  • The Xenios USA® Abdominal Mat provides incredible support during core exercises that not only noticeably relieves pressure on the lower back, but also increases the range of motion and intensity of the exercises. This 8 cm height abdominal mat will provide perfect fit and feel to the low back. Made with top-quality leather, the Xenios […]

  • Parallettes are an indispensable piece of training equipment. With bodyweight exercises alone, incredible strength can be developed simply by selecting positions that will increase muscle loading. The Xenios USA® Paralletes are made with top quality steel and have a Max. weight load of 150 Kg. Put them undure pressure and test them with Static Holds, […]

    • Extra Light (1) – Max Resist. 16 Kg
    • Light (2) – Max Resist. 23 Kg
    • Medium (3) – Max Resist. 36 Kg
    • Heavy (4) – Max Resist. 54 Kg
    • Extra Heavy (5) – Max Resist. 75 Kg

    • Light (2) – Max Resist. 10 Kg
    • Medium (3) – Max Resist. 20 Kg
    • Heavy (4) – Max Resist. 30 Kg

  • Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar (130 cm. (L) x 76 cm. (Offset) – Wall/Ceiling mounting – Can be “series-mounted” – It features up to 2x 32 mm. dia. Pull-Up Bars)

  • Use the Xenios USA® Pull-Up Straps to quickly improve your pull-ups skills. This 50 cm length-tool will strengthen your muscle-arms. Made with resitant Nylon they come out as pair.

  • Make any space a proper gymnastics training room by laying down one the Xenios USA® Exercise Mat. Ideal indoors or outdoor equipment for workout like bodyweight movements, strechting exercises, yoga exercises, it provides excellent support and protection from/for the floor. This comfortable Xenios USA® Exercise Mat makes storage easy thanks to its aluminium rings. Just […]

  • Designed to add extra-weight while performing pull-ups, dips ,chin-ups and many others the Xenios USA® Dipping Belt gives the right and safe when you train with higher loads and tension. The Xenios USA® Dipping Belt comes equipped with a reinforced nylon body, steel chain and two locking carabiners. The Xenios USA® Dipping Belt fits all athletes […]

  • instructions     Whether you're travelling, training at the park or at home, the Xenios USA® Suspension Training  Kit Basic will provide you a whole range of tools for anywhere suspension workout. Designed to be attached to beams, trees or other support to be found, the Xenios USA® includes: Nylon carry bag Adjustable straps with [...]

Showing all 14 results