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Dreams ignited in Finland

How to organize an international CrossFit® event In the spring of 2015, we were contacted by surprise by a Finnish firefighter, Robin Hendry, coach and

One small step, one big dream

How we helped a young couple with a child open a gym in Romagna Introduction Vanessa and Alessandro are sport lovers and in life are

CrossFit®: The explosion of a method

Twenty-one years in the human parable represent the age of a young individual, but for CrossFit Inc. from Santa Cruz, California, that’s been enough time

I want to open a gym!

How much will it cost me? If you work in the wellness field and you train people, surely in the past you’ve come across this

The evolution of the species

From the Fitness Boutique to the Functional Boutique Before we get into the world of the Functional Boutique, let’s define the concept of the Fitness


Outdoor training: building an outdoor Box

The already well-known benefits of Outdoor training, combined with the new needs of crosstraining (and Fitness) facilities, will contribute to the reopening of the training

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The Field Gym™

The future of outdoor gym Have you ever thought of being able to train outdoors, but with all the equipment you need available, like in

From pull ups to muscle ups

One of the most known and diffused exercises in fitness and Cross Training gyms are pull ups on the bar. It’s a fundamental exercise both