The Fall Series Throwdown 2018

The Fall Series Throwdown 2018 8 - 9 Dicembre Save The Date! Energia, gioia, suspense, fermento, passione. Sono solo alcuni degli ingredienti che fanno parte della formula magica di uno degli eventi sportivi più coinvolgenti a livello europeo! Nel mondo del fitness è conosciuta anche come “La Gara”: si tratta di Fall Series Throwdown, la [...]

CrossFit® Italian Showdown 2019

CrossFit® Italian Showdown 2019 everything you need to know. Have you ever heard of the CrossFit® Italian Showdown? Of course you have! It’s one of the most important international events in the world of CrossFit®. Maybe you felt you had a lot in common with the athletes that took part in the last edition, dreaming [...]

Video Review

At Xenios USA® we believe that customer’s satisfaction is essential. That’s why we always care about product improvement and upgrading to offer you only the best. Every step ahead and innovation made by Xenios USA® is also coming through your feedback. Look at the videos released by some our Flagship boxes! Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, [...]

Does the perfect barbell exist ?

First ask yourself what is the main purpose the Bar will be used for. Most Brands Bar’s range are quite wide and you could buy a bar just cause you like its pics, while you should be informed about all the Bar’s specs in order to know if they really match your needs. Do not [...]

How to choose your GHD

Here are some tips on how to choose your GHD : 1) The GHD is one of the most stressed piece of equipment. Do not go cheap or weak ! Steel tubes must feature at least a 70x50x3 mm. size. Hardware must be at least M12. 2) Because of the power brought to the GHD [...]

Italian Showdown 2016, what really changes ?

Is the talk of the town and everyone wants to know what really changes in this competition. First of all the challenge is open to athletes of all levels, independent or affiliate, without online qualifications. Of course that’s mean never again strategies for the selection of the category. No more disputed qualifying videos! Unlike the [...]

Helsinki Showdown…Koski did it again

After six spectacular events the Helsinki Showdown ends  its first edition with a men's podium with Jonne Koski from CrossFit ® Varasto (Fin) on the highest step meanwhile Kevin Jurs and Simon Nybacka finish at second and third place. Among women Julie Abildgaard wins and Thuri Erla from CrossFit ® Sport and Mikaela Norman got [...]