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HP-Equipment for the fittest

XENIOS USA® was started to match the new needs of the strength and conditioning equipment industry.

The passion for training equipment was the engine that powered the Xenios USA® group of founders to look ahead and bet everything on a new way to play Fitness that has become a worldwide must-do. Since the really beginning, at Xenios USA® we focus on research and development of workout tools and we believe it is the only way to match the new needs of the Sport of Fitness. We listen to Coaches and Athletes in cooperation with Reebok CrossFit ® Ravenna in order to pursuit the perfect products and our core is the ownership of the know-how of product development and manufacturing. The industry we work with keeps moving and so we keep training ourselves to improve, change and increase as faster as possible our products. Training Facilities are our favorite hangout and Contest equipping is the main goal of our marketing strategy, along with Athletes’ endorsement: to concern about the feed-back from the field is best way to hit the target. We aim to contribute to the Fitness revolution by keep running on unbeaten paths